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Business as Art

From Passion to Profit: Master Business Artistry in 4 Days

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Cultivate your Creativity

Nurturing your creative passions while transforming them into a thriving business can seem overwhelming. In fact, 80% of creative businesses fail in the first two years due to poor business management. This course focuses on maintaining your artistic integrity, keeping you inspired, and teaching you powerful tools to help you stay on the pulse of your business as you grow.

Discover Digital Serenity

Studies show that integrating AI (and other digital tools) can increase your creative output by up to 50%. Learn to master the digital tools that simplify business management without overwhelming your creative process. My strategies are designed to integrate seamlessly into your workflow, enhancing creativity rather than stifling it.


Balance effort and surrender in your creative endeavors with proven strategies to manage and enhance your workflow. The 30% of clients that continue working with me report significant growth in their businesses within 3 months. This course teaches you to streamline operations, and the value of community and connection that supports your creative process and spending less time on logistical complexities.

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Consider this:

  • If you're worried about becoming too business-oriented and losing your creative essence...

  • If you feel overwhelmed by digital tools and business management...

  • If you have concerns that focusing on workflow could interrupt your creative process...

  • If you fear that focusing on business could dilute the creative quality of your work...

  • If you struggle with anxiety related to using technology...


  • A course that prioritizes your creativity integrity as a function of your business.

  • A course that teaches you business skills which complement your creativity, without compromising your artistic vision.

  • A course that demystifies digital tools, and provides clear, easy-to-implement strategies that liberate you to focus more on what you love.

  • A course that teaches you how to streamline operations, allowing you more time in your creative process than on logistical complexities.

  • A course that provides the tools to make your business another work of art, and supports a steady income from your efforts.

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What others are saying:

Sarah B, NC

"To my delight, the flexible learning hours fit perfectly into my schedule. The structured yet adaptable modules allowed me to enhance my business acumen without sacrificing family time!"
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Sales MASTERY for Creatives


  • "What if I miss a session? Are replays available?"

Yes. Replays are available through the private FB group, to which you will be granted access upon registration.​

  • "How technical do I need to be to benefit from the AI elements of the course?"

If you can answer email and read text messages on your phone, you can use AI to the extent of which we will be applying these skills in this course.​

  • "Can I interact directly with instructors for personalized advice?"

Private sessions are available anytime for additional fees, but for the duration of this course, you are invited to ask questions in the private FB group.

  • "How much time should I expect to commit to the course each week?"

Each module should take no longer than an hour to view the material and work through the companion workbook exercises.​

  • "What if I prefer to learn solo?"

You may be skeptical about the impact of online learning, and while I invite you to take advantage of the replays, I would also encourage anyone to take advantage of the live sessions where you'll engage with other creative leaders and experience online community support in ways you may not realize can serve you.

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