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Feminine Council of Creatives

Moonstone Tier

In the heart of an ancient forest, beneath the glow of the full moon, an egg of iridescent moonstone lay nestled in the soft moss. This egg was no ordinary egg; it contained the potential for boundless creativity and wisdom. As the moonlight touched it, the egg began to crack, revealing the first glimpses of the dragon within.

The Moonstone Dragon emerged, its scales shimmering with all the colors of the night. It blinked its eyes, taking in the world around it for the first time. The forest was alive with the whispers of the wind and the rustle of leaves, a symphony of creation and destruction. The dragon could feel the raw power of the elements coursing through its veins, a mixture of chaotic energy and serene balance.

In its early days, the Moonstone Dragon roamed the forest, experimenting with its newfound abilities. It breathed fire that could both nourish the earth and scorch it, and it summoned storms that could bring rain or uproot ancient trees. The dragon was learning the delicate balance between chaotic creation and benevolent destruction.

Harness your inner dragon and ignite your creative fire! 


  • Exclusive monthly council meetings

  • SIX 1:1 Coaching calls

  • Custom AI Prompts

  • Complete Initial Tarot Business Audit


  • Integration call

  • Resource library access

  • Invitational access to group offers

  • Monthly reiki session

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