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Feminine Council of Creatives

Ruby Tier

This Quarterly Roundtable Membership is designed to harness the fire within to ignite your creative potential. We will cover topics every New Moon to uncover the ancient wisdom lurking just beneath the surface of your psyche - out of reach, behind your dragon - so you may LIVE your dreams into reality. As the most effective way to work with me 1:1, this exclusive membership provides unparalleled access to personalized guidance, powerful tools, and a supportive community, ensuring you fully realize your dreams.



Feminine Council of Creatives

Ruby Tier

In the heart of an ancient mountain, the Ruby Dragon stood proudly, its scales shimmering with the deep red hues of the gemstone it embodied. This dragon was not just any dragon; it was a Master, having raised countless young dragons, teaching them the ways of the world and the balance between creation and destruction. Now, it was ready for its final transformation—into a masterpiece of its own making.

The Ruby Dragon had spent centuries perfecting its self-identity, understanding that true mastery lay in knowing oneself completely. Through its journey, it had guided others, sharing wisdom and nurturing their growth. But now, a new chapter beckoned. The dragon felt a deep, resonant call to evolve beyond its current form and become something entirely other, something magnificent.

No longer just a guardian or a teacher; with the wisdom of the ages and the support of its community, the Ruby Dragon spread its wings, ready to soar into a new existence—one defined by its own creation, a testament to the transformative power of Being.

Transcend the mundane;

become the Masterpiece!


  • Exclusive monthly council meetings

  • TWELVE 1:1 Coaching calls w/ AI assist*

  • Branded graphics, spells, and templates

  • Complete Initial Tarot Business Audit & MAPPING


  • Integration call

  • Resource library access

  • Invitational access to group offers

  • Monthly reiki session

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