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Feminine Council of Creatives

Sapphire Tier

This Quarterly Roundtable Membership is designed to harness the fire within to ignite your creative potential. We will cover topics every New Moon to uncover the ancient wisdom lurking just beneath the surface of your psyche - out of reach, behind your dragon - so you may LIVE your dreams into reality. We will cover topics such as Alchemical Artistry, Body Intelligence, Creative Wealth, and Sacred Scaling in Femme Creative Business Operating Systems.



Feminine Council of Creatives

Sapphire Tier

In the heart of a mystical valley, the Sapphire Dragon spread its wings for the first time. Its scales glistened like the precious gemstone it was named after, reflecting the brilliance of the sun and the calm of the moon. Having emerged from its cocoon of self-discovery, the dragon had learned not only to harness its power but to soar above the realms of ordinary existence.

As the dragon took flight, it reveled in the newfound freedom of the skies. It mastered the art of the creative and destructive flow, understanding that true power lay in balance. With each wingbeat, it could create life with a breath of nurturing fire or clear away the old with a gust of cleansing wind. The dragon's flight was a dance between creation and destruction, an intricate ballet that kept the valley in harmony.

The Sapphire Dragon's mastery was not achieved alone. With a community where creative mastery is nurtured, celebrated, and shared, the Sapphire Dragon’s flight became more graceful, its influence more profound. It had become a beacon of balance and transformation, guiding others in the valley to find their own harmony between creation and destruction.

Don’t just dream—soar!


  • Exclusive monthly council meetings

  • NINE 1:1 Coaching calls w/ AI assist*

  • Branded graphics, spells, and templates

  • Complete Initial Tarot Business Audit & MAPPING


  • Integration call

  • Resource library access

  • Invitational access to group offers

  • Monthly reiki session

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